Why Every Man Should Wear a Watch

It’s kind of sad when you think about it, but a watch is a once indispensable accessory that is becoming less and less common. Thanks to the meteoric rise of the mobile phone (which, incidentally, just turned 40 years old – happy birthday mobiles!) we no longer automatically look at our wrists when someone asks us the time; we pull our phone out of our pockets instead. I’m as guilty of it as the next person – I used to be unable to leave the house if I wasn’t wearing my watch, now however, I have a whole array of watches stuck at various times stuffed still sort-of-loved, but definitely unworn into a drawer somewhere.

Men's watches

But I’ve been thinking about this today and I’m going to take a stand and I’m going to start wearing my watch again, and here are a few reasons why.

When you’re waiting for someone, and they’re late, as my friends inevitably are (or is it that I’m always early? See – I need to start wearing a watch!) it looks so much less desperate to take the odd glance at your wrist watch instead of constantly checking your phone. A watch says “Hey, I’m not lonely – I’m waiting for someone!” whilst a mobile phone says “I’m bored, sad and lonely – please text me, someone…” It’s true – we’ve all been there.

Wearing a watch is a great way to add interest to an outfit, especially if you’re a guy. Let’s face it, women can throw on accessories with wild abandon, and sure, if we’re talking about men’s fashion, while there’s no rule that says men can’t do that too, some guys either don’t want to jingle as they walk, or just hands down can’t pull it off. Now, a watch: everyone can rock a watch.

watches for men

Thirdly, a watch makes a great present, and is great for adding interest to men’s wear. Whether it’s new and you’ve had it engraved for a special someone or it’s a family heirloom that’s been handed down through one or more generations, a watch is a truly unique gift and will mean so much more (or it should do!) than giving someone the latest mobile phone. And another thing; what do you think your child would rather receive on his or her 18th birthday? A worn and loved watch that holds definitely sentimental, and perhaps monetary, value, or a worn and battered Samsung Galaxy that’s 18 years out of date?

I was about to finish off on this post and write my final paragraph however another thought just struck me. A really awesome reason for wearing a watch is to make sure you’re on time! DON’T leave your friend sitting alone in the pub nursing a beer and too worried to go to the bathroom in case someone steals it and DO make sure you get to work with enough time to log on and pretend you’ve been there an hour before your boss. Yes, you say, but I’ve got my phone for that. But imagine, if you will, a world where everyone started wearing a watch again; maybe, just maybe, it would make us all a little more aware of time if it’s sitting there on our wrist.

g shock

OK, so I really am done now. That’s just my two cents worth on the whole watch debate. Now excuse me while I go and buy 5 new watch batteries.

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How to Wear Accessories: a Guide for Guys

Men’s fashion accessories are back in a big way and according to industry insiders and retailers, since the beginning of 2012 men have been purchasing fashion items traditionally associated with women in wild abandon. From scarves to belts and from jewellery to umbrellas, men everywhere have been letting their accessory flag fly.

There are a couple of reasons cited behind this sudden surge of guys who need the latest hat or shoe, the first being that the recession has made men realize that they need to up their game to stay in the game. Turning up to the office in a crumpled suit with last night’s beer stains still on the lapel is not going to impress anyone in the current cut throat job market. Don a smart men’s designer shirt and show a little more elan around the workplace, however, and you’ll stand out and look, dare we say it, much more professional.

men's accessories

Looking cool even when sitting in rubble!

Another reason behind the men’s fashion accessories trend is street style blogs. It’s hard to browse anything relating to fashion or style without stumbling across a ‘real people’ style blog, meaning that more men who have a passing interest in clothes can take inspiration from original styles across the globe. The types of men featured on these blogs are not afraid to experiment, especially in countries like Japan where men think nothing of piling on cuffs, caps and chains.

Buckle up guys, as we take a look at some ways you can get the most out of your men’s accessories

1. Make your bag work for you. Gone are the days when you had to stuff everything in your pockets. These days it’s perfectly acceptable, de rigueur even, for guys to carry a bag. And no, we’re not talking about man bags or man purses – the latest holdalls and satchels are man enough and big enough for any guy normally afraid of being seen in public with something that has handles or straps!

2. Get ahead, get a hat, so the cliché goes but the thing with clichés is they’re often true. Not only does a hat say “Look at me – I’m confident!” it also keeps your hair dry when it’s raining. OK, not exactly breaking news that one, but if you’re one of those guys with an aversion to using an umbrella, get yourself a hat and stop turning up to work and/or the bar looking like a wet dog.

men's trilby fedora hats

Looking good in a men’s trilby

3. Hangovers. Yes, most of us get them. Most of us hate them. Most of us look like crap when we’ve got one. That’s where sunglasses come in. Sunny or not, slap on a pair of aviators and not only will you look cooler but you’ll be protecting your aching eyes from daylight – as well as protecting other people from having to look at the entirety of your miserable, hungover face. Think of it as a public duty.

4. Are you one of those guys who pretends you’re not cold, even when you’re visibly quivering in your designer t-shirts? Stop it – no one’s impressed! There’s no reason whatsoever to suffer because thanks to men’s scarves having had a recent moment in the spotlight, and beanies always being a reliable old favourite, staying warm is now an option even for macho men.

5. Do you ever feel that you’re overlooked in the workplace? Do you blend in to the crowd when you’re in a bar? You need jewellery! I’m not talking diamond earrings or gold sovereign rings, God forbid no. The new men’s jewellery is classy and understated yet makes an impact. Cuffs, rope bracelets and cords stacked up on your wrist say ‘this is a guy that knows what he’s doing when it comes to men’s fashion’. And your boss and potential dates will fall right for it. Probably.

men's leather wrist cuff

Add a tough accent to an outfit with a leather cuff

6. Get organized. A decent wallet or card holder can’t be underestimated. As with bags, stop jamming everything into your pockets. For one thing it makes it easy to lose bank cards, cash and keys, for the other, it ruins the way your clothes hang. Pulling out a great wallet when you pay for something is a million times cooler than fumbling around in the pocket of your jeans for a fistful of (crumpled) dollars and a battered looking Visa card.

So there you have it. Accessories are not just frivolous things meant for the ladies; they’re useful too. Any self-respecting guy with an eye for style knows that the devil is in the detail, and if that prevents you from getting wet, being cold, losing your keys or being passed over for promotion then that gold sequined trucker cap and tiny man purse that you’ve just purchased is well worth the investment!

This guide to accessories was brought to you by Ethereal Clothing