Clever Ways to Recycle Old Clothes

I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to being a little bit over the top when clothes shopping – the amount of stuff I have hanging in my wardrobe that still has labels on it is embarrassing. So I started thinking it might be time to have a clear out. I do this quite often although I take unwanted clothes to a charity shop but this time some of the things I once wore are now no longer fit for human…consumption’s the wrong word…they’re no longer fit to be worn or looked at by a human to put it frankly.

men's t-shirts

This Needs to Find a New Purpose

If you’ve also got a pile of tatty old urban wear or street wear what do you do about all those t-shirts that even a homeless person would probably reject?  I know what you’re probably thinking – just throw them away. But no, whilst I’m no hoarder I don’t like throwing things out if I think they might have another mission to fulfill in life. And particularly not if they once lived the life of a designer t-shirt! That’s where recycling comes in.

I always recycle cans, bottles, magazines and jars so why not my tee shirts and tops? Feeling inspired I decided to hit up Google to see what it had to offer me in the way of reusing original clothing that was too far gone to be even remotely wearable.

Some of the ideas I found were blatantly too much trouble. I’m not motivated enough to find some board and a staple gun (denim covered pinboard) let alone inspired enough to go and buy a  sewing machine of all things but I did find a few artistic clothing recycling ideas that involved nothing more tricky than a pair of scissors. 

upcycled clothing

Here’s What to Do

This is an obvious place to start but if I missed it out you might have thought I wasn’t doing my job. Cut up old men’s t-shirts and you can make a whole pile of cleaning cloths. The nice thing about turning tee shirts into dusters or rags is that they’re usually made from soft cotton which makes them good for polishing things with surfaces that scratch easily. Like wide screen TV’s and errr, clocks, and other stuff that I can’t think of right now. Plus you can wash them over and over so they’re more eco-friendly than shop bought cloths that tend to get thrown away after a few uses.

Moving house soon? I just have and if I’d got into this whole ‘let’s recycle my t-shirts’ thing before I moved I would have cut up the ones I no longer wore and used them to pack the boxes that contained breakables. Use old t-shirts to protect things that are easily damaged or stuff them into the corners of boxes to stop things rattling around and getting broken in transit.

men's urban wear

No…Not Like THAT!

This one is kind of gross I guess but it’s environmentally friendly and I need more than three easy ideas for this post so I’m including it. Handkerchiefs. Yes, I am suggesting you blow your nose on your old tees.  When you have a grotty cold; you can plough through boxes and boxes of tissues or rolls and rolls of toilet paper: expensive and not very green. Well, not green in the environmentally friendly sense of the word anyway. Cut up your old shirts and you have a washable and reusable selection of hankies that your granddad would have been proud of. Going the extra mile and embroidering your initial in the corner is optional.

Lastly, and I’m going to get a bit artsy now as this involves cutting and – wait for it – sewing. But you can find someone else to do that for you can’t you? Despite the high (!) level of technical ability involved in this one I’m including it because it’s a hangover cure. Yes, you read that correctly. High level instructions follow:

1)      Cut a big square out of your t-shirt

2)      Sew it up along 3 sides so it makes a pouch. Actually, you know what, forget sewing, just use glue.

3)      Fill it with dried beans and sew/glue the fourth side up

4)      Put it in the fridge or freezer

hangover cure

Don’t Deny It – You’ve Felt Like This Too

Now you are the proud owner of a face mask bean bag thing that you can lay across your sweaty brow next time you’re suffering due to the events of the night before.

So there you have it; four ways to upcycle, recycle, repurpose or reuse all those old, worn out t-shirts that are cluttering up your life – and your closet. I’ve already hacked a couple of old designer t-shirts  up to make luxury cleaning cloths (yet to be used) and am even considering making the bean bag in anticipation of my next…headache.


Do you have any great recycling ideas that don’t take hours to do and that make your life that little bit easier? Why not share your genius in the comments? 

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Men’s Hair Care Products: Just WHAT is in those Pots, Cans and Bottles??

It’s all very well getting dressed up in your favourite men’s t-shirt and expensive designer jeans but your look isn’t complete unless you’ve taken at least a little time over your hairstyle. These days it’s not enough for the stylish guy to simply leap (or stumble) out of bed and throw on whatever clothes happen to be lying on the floor; if you want to make an impact and show the world that you care about your appearance you need to pay a little attention to your hair too.

bed head hair

The state of your hair can make or break your outfit- take a male fashion icon like David Beckham for an example. OK, you might not want to be rocking a sarong this season (sorry, Beckham but we will never forget…) and the Mohawk might not be your hairstyle of choice (unfortunately we still remember that too) but there’s no denying that the guy has got his hair care routine sorted.

But with a myriad of products lining the shelves of your local supermarket or pharmacy where does the discerning gent start? There’s a seemingly endless choice of hair products out there with new ‘wonder products’ flooding the market on an almost constant basis and if like me you’ve tried virtually every type of styling product known to man in the desperate bid for better hair – often with unfortunate results – you might be wondering where to start. Well, it’s time to stop wasting your hard earned cash and time to stop cluttering up your bathroom cabinets with half used pots of gunk and find out.

The key to finding the right hair care product for you is to understand what type of hair you have. Not all hair is created equal and hence not all styling products are suitable for your mop. It also depends on what type of look you’re going for too; are you hankering after the slicked back Mad Men look or is the tousled ‘just got out of bed’ look more your thing?

mad men

Is this what you see when you look in the mirror??

Products generally break down into three different types: those that give you a shiny or wet look finish, those that create a matte or dry look and those that add texture or hold. But which one is which? Read on as we break down the different product types so you can decide which is best for you.

First off the classic gel. Now wait a minute because I know for many of us (particularly those of a certain age) hair gel was our first foray into the world of hair care and it can bring back painful memories of being an awkward 14 year old in an ill-fitting school uniform whose hair was more of a hot (wet) mess than pop-star perfect. But hair gel has moved with the times and is no longer the electric blue, chemically scented slop in a see-thru pot of our youth, or my youth anyway. These days gel is actually a decent choice if you’re looking to add a touch of the wet look to short to medium length hair. However only those with thick hair should use gel as it’s too heavy on fine hair. It should also be used sparingly as too much will likely drip of the ends of your hair. (Trust me I know this.)

Next up, wax. Wax is also a product that’s been around for years but it is great for holding a slightly more ‘engineered’ hair style in place.  It’s much more matte than gel and will add texture too. Like gel however it works best on thicker, medium length hair. Again use fairly sparingly and warm it up in your palms first before using on your hair.

If you want to add body to thin or fine hair, mousse is your savior. Again this is seen as a slightly dated hair care product but it can still be found – companies such as Toni and Guy still produce mousse – and it definitely shouldn’t be ignored if you’re trying to add a little oomph to a lifeless head of hair. Mousse works with any length of hair care products

While we’re talking old school it would be remiss not to mention pomade. The choice of dapper black and white films stars – and granddads – this is the key to getting that slick Don Draper look. Pomade works on thin and thick and wavy and curly hair so it’s a good choice for pretty much anyone who sees themselves as a 1960’s era ad exec.

If you’ve paid any attention to hair products lately you may have been slightly perturbed by the appearance on the shelves of things called ‘clay’, ‘mud’ or ‘putty’. These are this generation’s version of wax and are similarly used to add matte texture. They are a little more pliable than wax however which makes them perfect for crafting that “I spent 30 minutes in front of the mirror this morning but I look like I’ve just rolled out of bed” look. Clays and putties can be used on all hair lengths and types from thin to thick and from poker straight to wavy.

Hair creams are a lighter option if you want a slightly more subtle finish and you don’t want to look like you’ve used anything on your hair at all. They’re good for taming flyaway or wild locks and again work on all lengths and everything from thin to thick and from straight to very curly hair.

hair spray

Not just for girls!

Finally, and stop laughing at the back, but hair spray is still knocking around and whilst you may or may not want anyone to know you have a can of your grandmother’s favourite beauty product sitting on your bathroom shelf it can’t be beaten for holding your style in place. After all you’ve gone to all that trouble, so don’t let a gust of wind destroy all your hard work the minute you step out the house!

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How to Buy Men’s Underwear

Whilst it might not be as much fun for guys to buy men’s underwear as it is for the girls, it’s still important to find the style that suits not only you but the outfit you’re wearing. The ladies are all too aware of the dreaded VPL (that’s visible panty line for the uninitiated!) but with men’s coloured t-shirts and skinny jeans having a moment this spring and summer it might just be something that you want to think about too.

So whether you’re a boxer shorts kind of guy, you stick with briefs, you rock old skool Y-fronts, or perhaps you’re even a thong man, let’s get the low down on men’s undies.

men's underwear

“Let’s just, uh, hang out on the beach in our Y-fronts”

First of all, as any female can tell you, there’s more to looking stylish than picking out a matching top and bottom because what lies beneath can both improve the look of the outfit and make it a whole lot more comfortable too. And when you feel comfortable you’re more confident, right? So believe me when I say men’s fashion isn’t just about throwing on jeans and t-shirts for men getting the right shorts can be make or break.

Let’s start with that 8 letter word so loved by some and so loathed by others: shopping. The same principle that applies to buying men’s t-shirts, shorts or jeans should similarly apply to picking out the right underwear. You wouldn’t buy a pair of cargo pants that were 2 sizes too small and you probably wouldn’t buy a tee that was 4 sizes too big; the same goes for your underwear.

men's boxer shorts

Y-fronts not your thing?

Wearing a pair of boxers that are too loose is just going to add unsightly bulky fabric whilst wearing a pair of briefs that are too tight is not only going to be excruciatingly uncomfortable (there’s probably no need to go into detail here) but it can affect blood circulations too. So how do you know what size to go for? Men’s underwear normally goes by waist size, so buy it as you would a pair of trousers.

Naturally the type of clothes you wear should be taken into consideration when you’re picking out your pants. As mentioned above, if you’re a fan of this season’s skinny jeans for men then briefs are a better bet (or a G-string if that’s your thing!) but if you’re a baggy jeans and tshirt kind of guy, boxer shorts will be just fine.

men's thongs

Hey, no one’s judging you if that’s what you find comfortable!

The life you lead can also have a bearing on your choice. Are you sporty and always on the go? Briefs or tight boxers are best as they’ll afford more support than cotton short style boxers. Likewise if you’re less get-up-and-go and lead a more office/pub/couch type of existence you should be fine with looser fitting boxer shorts.

So you’re sorted for size and style now all that remains is your choice of fabric. Of course this is a unique personal preference although most men say that they prefer cotton. However if you’re feeling flash and you want to impress a special someone or you think you might get lucky next weekend, you could always push the boat out and go for silk.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments – and don’t forget to check out our range of men’s urban t-shirts on our Ethereal clothing website!