If you’re reading this it’s probably safe to say that you’re interested in finding out a little more about what Ethereal Clothing is, who are the enigmas behind the label, what you can expect from the brand and where the inspirations for the designs come from. Well read on as I aim to answer your burning questions.

First up, the basics: Ethereal Clothing is a men’s designer t-shirt brand which has been developed to fill the gap between men’s formal clothing and the more casual end of the scale. Taking style, comfort, fit and unique designs into consideration, Ethereal Clothing tees are smart enough for those occasions when you need to pay a little more attention to the way you’re dressed, but are still definitely cool enough for a night down the pub with the guys.

So who are the faces behind Ethereal Clothing men’s t-shirts? Back in 2011 two brothers named Alex and Ben realised that whether buying men’s t-shirts online or in a store, there was something missing. However instead of sitting around and complaining, they decided to do something about it and Ethereal was born. The brothers are both big art lovers and the name comes from the dictionary definition of ethereal: “Ethereal is a lightness or airiness which is not of this world. It can be further defined as spiritual, or of the ether which pertains to a heavenly or celestial meaning.” This seemed to tie in nicely with both their passion for ancient works of arts and for men’s fashion.

Plus it’s a pretty cool name too!

Based in Perth in Western Australia, Alex and Ben know that especially in their warm climate, the t-shirt is the go-to wardrobe staple for guys. If you’re not going into the office, you’re probably not going to be wearing a shirt and chances are you’ll throw a t-shirt on with your jeans or shorts instead. Chances are you might be more than a little bored with your plain old white tee – or heaven forbid – that 10 year old Budweiser t-shirt with the paint splatters on it. This is where Ethereal steps up: thanks to their cuts, which are always on-trend, their high quality fabrics and not to mention the unique logo design, Ethereal’s men’s t-shirts are comfortable, yet elevate humble t-shirts for men to a new level.

So what of the design and how is the brothers’ appreciation for the old masterpieces tied in with trend led modern men’s shirts? Each t-shirt features the Ethereal logo in a large print, but look closely and you’ll see that in the background of each logo is a work of art. Whether it’s the Divinia Tragedia, painted by Paul Chenavard in the 1800’s or The Fish Market painted by the artist Frans Snyders in 1621, every piece of art was photographed in an art gallery or museum somewhere around the world by either Ben or Alex. Once back in their design studio the brothers then work to turn their digital images into one of a kind modern day sartorial masterpieces.

There are no lazy, ‘oh-so-funny’ beer logos or slogans referring to the wearer’s (alleged!) sexual prowess here. When you wear an Ethereal Clothing men’s t-shirt, you are wearing a garment that a lot of time, effort and skill has gone into creating, both in the logo designs and the actual cut and fit of the tees.

So there you have it. A brief history of how Ethereal Clothing came into being and the inspirations behind the brand.

The very first collection will be debuting soon so to keep up to date and to be one of the first to get your hands on one of the brand new designs, follow Ethereal Clothing on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ or check out their website at http://www.etherealclothing.com.au/


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