6 Basic Style Tips for Guys

Sometimes the world of men’s fashion can feel a little bewildering, especially if you have an event or special occasion coming up and you’re not sure what constitutes appropriate dress. Do men’s t-shirts work when worn under a suit? Can you wear shorts with formal shoes? How much jewellery is TOO much jewellery? The conundrums are endless so read on as we lay out six basics that every guy whose mom doesn’t still pick out his clothes for him, should know.

1)      This is a hotly debated topic with some hipsters embracing it, but in general, unless you’ve really got a certain way with style, we think that double denim is still a no-no. There are so many other styles for men out there – consider this season’s reappearance of camo for example – that you really shouldn’t have to resort to the denim jacket and jeans look. If, however, you’re a member of an ‘80’s metal band feel free to continue as you were.

denim jackets and jeans

Too much, Shakin’ Stevens, too much.

2)      Do you like to accessorize? Good for you, but do keep accessories in proportion to your size. Bigger guys can get away with chunky chains or wrist cuffs whilst smaller men should downsize a little to avoid drowning themselves.

3)      Scored a job interview? Well done, but to increase the chances of actually landing the position make sure your attire is appropriate. And no that doesn’t always mean wearing your best wedding/funeral suit. Applying for a job as an accountant? Of course, keep it smart – although don’t be afraid to add a dash of personality with an interesting tie (and by interesting we don’t mean a ‘comedy’ South Park design.) If you’re applying for a job as a graphic designer in a marketing agency however, you’ll be far more likely to impress if you’re wearing something that lets your unique style and creative flair shine through.

4)      Size matters. Do you hate your skinny body? Bulk up with heavier fabrics and avoid baggy styles as these will swamp your frame. If you’re on the larger side though the opposite applies: avoid thick fabrics such as tweed or chunky knits and make sure clothing isn’t too tight as this will accentuate your size.

men's jewelry

The right amount or a little too much?

5)      Got a wedding, function or business conference to attend? There are a couple of rules associated with men’s formal wear. One; never wear braces (suspenders for you Americans!) and a belt at the same time – it looks way too much. Two; your tie should just touch your waist line or belt. Any shorter or longer and it looks like you’re wearing a comedy tie. And three; for those really dressy events that require evening dress or a tuxedo – sorry but your work tie isn’t going to cut it. We’re talking bow tie territory here, guys.

6)      Know what colours suit you. If you’re pale  you’ll look drained if you wear men’s t-shirts in pastel colours or white so try something with a little more oomph such as an earthy brown, maroon or navy blue.  If you’re dark skinned or tanned, darker colours can be a little ‘samey’ so try picking a tee in sunshine yellow, pale blue or a classic white men’s tshirt.

Men’s style doesn’t have to be tricky to get right and with just a little care and attention you’ll find that your confidence will improve as people start to take more notice of the new, sartorially improved you.

bow ties

Looking dapper in a dicky

Got any great, basic style tips? Why not share them in the comments box? And don’t forget to check out our website for our forthcoming range of urban men’s t-shirts.


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