6 Basic Style Tips for Guys

Sometimes the world of men’s fashion can feel a little bewildering, especially if you have an event or special occasion coming up and you’re not sure what constitutes appropriate dress. Do men’s t-shirts work when worn under a suit? Can you wear shorts with formal shoes? How much jewellery is TOO much jewellery? The conundrums are endless so read on as we lay out six basics that every guy whose mom doesn’t still pick out his clothes for him, should know.

1)      This is a hotly debated topic with some hipsters embracing it, but in general, unless you’ve really got a certain way with style, we think that double denim is still a no-no. There are so many other styles for men out there – consider this season’s reappearance of camo for example – that you really shouldn’t have to resort to the denim jacket and jeans look. If, however, you’re a member of an ‘80’s metal band feel free to continue as you were.

denim jackets and jeans

Too much, Shakin’ Stevens, too much.

2)      Do you like to accessorize? Good for you, but do keep accessories in proportion to your size. Bigger guys can get away with chunky chains or wrist cuffs whilst smaller men should downsize a little to avoid drowning themselves.

3)      Scored a job interview? Well done, but to increase the chances of actually landing the position make sure your attire is appropriate. And no that doesn’t always mean wearing your best wedding/funeral suit. Applying for a job as an accountant? Of course, keep it smart – although don’t be afraid to add a dash of personality with an interesting tie (and by interesting we don’t mean a ‘comedy’ South Park design.) If you’re applying for a job as a graphic designer in a marketing agency however, you’ll be far more likely to impress if you’re wearing something that lets your unique style and creative flair shine through.

4)      Size matters. Do you hate your skinny body? Bulk up with heavier fabrics and avoid baggy styles as these will swamp your frame. If you’re on the larger side though the opposite applies: avoid thick fabrics such as tweed or chunky knits and make sure clothing isn’t too tight as this will accentuate your size.

men's jewelry

The right amount or a little too much?

5)      Got a wedding, function or business conference to attend? There are a couple of rules associated with men’s formal wear. One; never wear braces (suspenders for you Americans!) and a belt at the same time – it looks way too much. Two; your tie should just touch your waist line or belt. Any shorter or longer and it looks like you’re wearing a comedy tie. And three; for those really dressy events that require evening dress or a tuxedo – sorry but your work tie isn’t going to cut it. We’re talking bow tie territory here, guys.

6)      Know what colours suit you. If you’re pale  you’ll look drained if you wear men’s t-shirts in pastel colours or white so try something with a little more oomph such as an earthy brown, maroon or navy blue.  If you’re dark skinned or tanned, darker colours can be a little ‘samey’ so try picking a tee in sunshine yellow, pale blue or a classic white men’s tshirt.

Men’s style doesn’t have to be tricky to get right and with just a little care and attention you’ll find that your confidence will improve as people start to take more notice of the new, sartorially improved you.

bow ties

Looking dapper in a dicky

Got any great, basic style tips? Why not share them in the comments box? And don’t forget to check out our website for our forthcoming range of urban men’s t-shirts.

How to Buy Men’s Underwear

Whilst it might not be as much fun for guys to buy men’s underwear as it is for the girls, it’s still important to find the style that suits not only you but the outfit you’re wearing. The ladies are all too aware of the dreaded VPL (that’s visible panty line for the uninitiated!) but with men’s coloured t-shirts and skinny jeans having a moment this spring and summer it might just be something that you want to think about too.

So whether you’re a boxer shorts kind of guy, you stick with briefs, you rock old skool Y-fronts, or perhaps you’re even a thong man, let’s get the low down on men’s undies.

men's underwear

“Let’s just, uh, hang out on the beach in our Y-fronts”

First of all, as any female can tell you, there’s more to looking stylish than picking out a matching top and bottom because what lies beneath can both improve the look of the outfit and make it a whole lot more comfortable too. And when you feel comfortable you’re more confident, right? So believe me when I say men’s fashion isn’t just about throwing on jeans and t-shirts for men getting the right shorts can be make or break.

Let’s start with that 8 letter word so loved by some and so loathed by others: shopping. The same principle that applies to buying men’s t-shirts, shorts or jeans should similarly apply to picking out the right underwear. You wouldn’t buy a pair of cargo pants that were 2 sizes too small and you probably wouldn’t buy a tee that was 4 sizes too big; the same goes for your underwear.

men's boxer shorts

Y-fronts not your thing?

Wearing a pair of boxers that are too loose is just going to add unsightly bulky fabric whilst wearing a pair of briefs that are too tight is not only going to be excruciatingly uncomfortable (there’s probably no need to go into detail here) but it can affect blood circulations too. So how do you know what size to go for? Men’s underwear normally goes by waist size, so buy it as you would a pair of trousers.

Naturally the type of clothes you wear should be taken into consideration when you’re picking out your pants. As mentioned above, if you’re a fan of this season’s skinny jeans for men then briefs are a better bet (or a G-string if that’s your thing!) but if you’re a baggy jeans and tshirt kind of guy, boxer shorts will be just fine.

men's thongs

Hey, no one’s judging you if that’s what you find comfortable!

The life you lead can also have a bearing on your choice. Are you sporty and always on the go? Briefs or tight boxers are best as they’ll afford more support than cotton short style boxers. Likewise if you’re less get-up-and-go and lead a more office/pub/couch type of existence you should be fine with looser fitting boxer shorts.

So you’re sorted for size and style now all that remains is your choice of fabric. Of course this is a unique personal preference although most men say that they prefer cotton. However if you’re feeling flash and you want to impress a special someone or you think you might get lucky next weekend, you could always push the boat out and go for silk.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments – and don’t forget to check out our range of men’s urban t-shirts on our Ethereal clothing website!

Plaid: a Wardrobe Staple for Guys

Anyone with even a passing interest in men’s fashion should have by now realized that colour blocking and bright colours are a big trend this Spring and Summer for both men and women, however some of us are not quite ready to hit the streets in bright purple skinny jeans teamed with a bright orange t-shirt and sky blue trainers, so what’s a guy who wants to stand out in the crowd in a slightly more subtle way to do?

Men’s style can be a tricky thing to get right when it comes to the fine line between looking good and being fashion aware and falling into the abyss of ridiculousness, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Take plaid for example; a plaid men’s shirt worn over a white t-shirt is a look that says ‘I’ve thought about this – but I’m not trying to frighten small children with my fashion choices’.

mens checked shirts

Let’s check out (bad pun intended) a few ways to make plaid work for you.

First of all try and keep the rest of your outfit simple; crisp white men’s t-shirts look great when worn under any colour combination  of checked shirt, or you could try a coloured tee under a more subtle plaid. The weather and season will also play a part in which shirt you choose: flannel is thicker and works better when the weather is cold whilst cotton naturally is better for the warmer months.

Depending on the fabric and season, you can play around with styling too. Try wearing your work-style black and red or blue and green flannel shirt over a white men’s tee and twin with dark denim jeans and work boots. If it’s warmer and you’re wearing a cotton short sleeve shirt why not wear it open over a t-shirt and team it with smart city shorts (which are going to be huge for guys this summer). A pair of boat or deck shoes will complete the look – you can even give a nod to the colour pop trend with your footwear if you like.

short sleeve plaid shirts

Plaid shirts are not the only way to wear the trend. Why not turn it on its head and instead wear a pair of plaid shorts with a basic t-shirt in any colour instead? Or if you feel that’s too much and you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t like to part with his jeans, there are loads of great, summery checkered sports shoes around at the moment – from Nike hi-tops to canvas Converse All Stars.

You can even take the trend into the workplace if you feel that your work clothes are lacking a little in the men’s trends department. A checkered tie worn with a plain white shirt is a great way to show that you’ve made an effort – even if your plan for the day is to basically read the news online and watch Youtube videos!

checkered converse

So why not check plaid out (again with the bad puns…) and see what looks you can create without having to go overboard with the colour blocking trend. There are loads of options out there at the moment and for a unique take on men’s urban wear check out our website for some clever t-shirt designs to wear under your shirt.