The History of the Humble Trucker Hat

Trucker hats  for men have been mainstream fashion now since the early 2000’s and they’re still going strong with the trend showing no signs of running out of steam just yet, but where did the trucker cap come from and how did it end up becoming a wardrobe essential of so many young urbanites?

Originally the trucker hat was given away as a promotional item by companies in rural America to workers. From the local animal feed store to tractor companies – hence the ubiquitous John Deere caps – the mesh hats were seen an ideal way of promoting their services throughout the rural communities which they served.

John Deere Trucker Hat

Deere oh Deere

The trucker hat was actually a pretty spot on choice of giveaway: functional, practical and cheap, it soon became part of the ‘uniform’ of rural workers all over the States. The combination of the stiff, long peak with the comfortable foam front and the breathable mesh back meant that the cap not only protected the wearer from the sun but it readily absorbed sweat too. Something that anyone who’s ever worn a mesh cap can probably testify to. The plastic back clip also meant that one-size-fitted-all (unless in very extreme cases!) thus saving the companies money as they were able to churn out hundreds, if not thousands, of identical caps. Most of which have probably since been snapped up at crazy prices in hip urban thrift stores.

As anyone who’s ever dealt with promotional goods knows, an item of clothing is far more efficient at getting a brand name ‘out there’ – as opposed to say, a coffee mug or a key ring – and the trucker cap certainly did its job.

It was only when, with tongue firmly in cheek, that urban youth began wearing the trucker hat that it had its first taste of the limelight and as the trend gathered speed it seemed that you couldn’t walk down any high street without having to dodge those rigid peaks for fear of losing an eye. Popularized by the ever-cool Pharrell Williams, and to a certain extent by Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake, the trucker cap trend shows no sign of abating over a decade later.


Such a N.E.R.D

These days the trucker cap’s most famous fan is probably 19 year old teen-girl favourite and all-round snappy dresser (if low slung leather MC Hammer trousers are your thing) Justin Bieber, but just steer clear of the ridiculous extra high, bright yellow, studded head gear that he favours and you’ll find that you can still rock a mesh cap with style.

The humble mesh trucker hat: from rural promotional item to urban hero helping bad hair days everywhere.

I'd be Sulking Too if I Got Caught Wearing This...

I’d be Sulking Too if I Got Caught Wearing This…

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Look Of The Day: Muted Hues

Liking the summer colours in this!

The Journey 21

LOTD Muted Hues[Photo Source]

I really like the idea of this outfit and I think that the color pallet is pretty whimsical. It’s not something that I would naturally gravitate to if I were at a store.. but seeing it all together its not half bad.

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Demystifying Men’s Footwear!

We’re not suggesting that anyone reading this blog post is guilty of shoe crimes but the fact is, a lot of guys do get it wrong when it comes to footwear and often end up ruining a perfectly good outfit with inappropriate or badly thought out shoes. Unless you’re in a casual environment, trainers just don’t work in the office whilst thin soled leather shoes are best worn with suits and left in the wardrobe at the weekend.

Unfortunately for all you shopping-aphobes there is no one shoe that goes with every outfit, so to try and clear up the confusion we’re going to take a look at how to dress your feet for both the 9 to 5 and for the weekend.

socks and sandals

This is a No-No, for the Record.

Whatever type of shoe you’re wearing (assuming it’s not a trainer) the general rule of thumb is to keep the soles thinner for the office and chunkier at the weekend. Shoes like Oxfords, loafers, Derbies, wing tips and shoes with a monk’s strap all work equally well whether they’re worn with a smart suit or your jeans but for a smarter look, go streamlined and when you’re kicking back on a Saturday or Sunday you can up the rugged factor.

If you’re wearing a shoe with a monk strap or a penny loafer, the rule applies here too; keep the strap across the front (and the buckles) slimmer and smarter for a sharper appearance and go chunky if you’re rocking them with denim, cords, chinos or khakis.

You can get away with a boot in the office, but keep it black, thin soled and always make sure it’s shiny. Work boots and desert boots are both great and this season the humble desert boot is making somewhat of a comeback on the men’s fashion scene and is being produced by many designers in some unique colour ways, however save them for your down time.

Oxford Shoes for Men

Much Better – a Smart Pair of Oxfords

Converse are all well and good when you’re hanging out in jeans and t-shirts, but sorry guys, the fact is, if you care about your appearance you’re going to need to own more than one pair of shoes, especially if you want to create a good impression in the workplace. Shopping for men’s tees or a new pair of jeans may be just about acceptable whilst shoe shopping might rank on your list of enjoyable activities alongside visiting your other half’s parents and doing the ironing but as any dapper man about town will tell you, the devil is in the details!

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Thanks for reading.